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Sunday 21 July 2013

Secret Chiefs the gods of the occultists

The idea of secret chiefs is in evolution. In some cases they have become more involved and more complex, with Secret Chiefs being obliged to develop ever more difficult rules.  In other cases they have become completely dumbed down to the point where their role is meaningless in comparison to other similar constructs such as holy guardian angels.
Very few groups believe in the construct of supermen living amongst us.  Part of the reason is that they do not seem to.  With today’s technology it is increasingly difficult for a physical plane secret chief to stay off the grid.  For example it was possible for RW Felkin to write with confidence that he had met Mathers; secret chief LeT and claim he was a doctor in Bruges. After all, who was going to check and how easy was it for them to do so.  
These days it is possible to confirm his existence (or lack thereof) with an internet search. In many ways NOT having an internet presence is an indication of not being a secret chief.   A Secret Chief’s role is to be the cutting edge of human development. There are no rooms for luddites in such a concept.  It is hard to see how anyone can participate in the world and not have something to do with technology.  So those who hint that their Secret Chiefs do not touch computers, and therefore cannot be found, are probably hinting that their physical masters do not exist, at least on the astral. 

 While I remain open minded to the idea, my August 5 deadline is rapidly coming to a close, and without evidence from physical secret chiefs I am obliged to dismiss them from my philosophy.
This does not mean that secret chiefs as a concept are wrong. It is just that I do not accept he current levels of thinking about them.  Theosophical models are far too eastern ideas of gurus, rely too much on concepts of Karma for them to be considered working able.
Dion Fortune’s ideas, while closer to something reasonable, were also crippled by autocratic ideas and a desire to be dominated by an Inner Plane being.  But what she did provide was a concept that everyone could have a Secret Chief and it would help train you to meet your Higher Self.
Modern magic, for better or worse, streamlines ideas into simple workable units.  There are flaws in this approach caused by people who do not know their arse from their elbow setting rules for others to follow.  However here is my crack at an idea.
The universe is manufactured by the one thing, in a bid to understand itself.  All things are aspects of that One Thing which is lost in the illusion of creation and believes it is separate.
Since they remember what it is like to be a One Thing, even in the deepest part of their souls they create aspects of it that they remember.  Most of these aspects end up as gods.  These forces gain a consciousness and a collective power from their worshipers and sit in the realms between the conscious and the unconscious mind and the divine. 
Humanity has continued naming and identifying the various forces in existence and attributing to them different aspects. 

A Secret Chief is like an occultist’s god.  It is a human who has become the embodiment of magic.  Like godforms, the secret chiefs are creations of the created.  They have the power and the wisdom given to them by their worshippers to teach and assist them through difficulties.  Like a God they sometimes have physical manifestations attached to them, but their central function is not to be obvious on the physical plane.  However unlike a godform, Secret Chiefs do not want sacrifices or churches.  They were created by magical minds who wanted information (which technically they would be getting by the one thing).  Secret chiefs are less likely to need worship (although some do).
Like some gods make intolerable demands on their worshippers, so to do Secret Chiefs and while occultists are more like to tell Diana or Thoth to sling their astral hook if they get a bit too demanding, they are less likely to do so with a Secret Chief, or contact, or Master.
The reason that secret chiefs are based on historical personalities is that because the seed form which builds them was a historical personality.  It is possible that the focus of the magician necromantically picks up a dead human shell to base their newly forming godform.  Most gods are based on elemental forces or abstract ideas.  This is not a bad thing, because it does give the Secret Chief godform an understanding of the human condition which is often lacking from godforms.
Fortune’s idea that you could not have an esoteric order without a contact (or secret chief) is interesting and could be explained if the chief’s really were godforms.  A god goes to where it is worshipped and a Secret Chief godform would hone in on an esoteric order.  Once installed it would act as a conduit between that order’s egregore and the One Thing.  It would also provide information to the order.  But it would also have an occultists “personality” which would flavour everything.
If this is true, it could explain why a secret chief needs a truly dedicated group to function and why some groups are better than others.  If a group was formed by person who wanted to bolster their ego, they would not attract a secret chief.  They might, on a good day, attract a parasite or demonic which would pretend to be one.   These anti-secret chiefs would encourage increasingly messianic behaviour to provide them with the negative energy to feed.  If a group attracted a demonic then it might even have access to esoteric information, although this would come at the price of burn-outs and other esoteric illnesses.  This would be rare, most groups would fail to attract anything useful at all and after the novelty wears off, the group will implode with a collective yawn.
If secret chiefs are yet another godform for the occult theurgist to use, then it means that Fortune was right and that everyone should be able to attract one.  Moreover they can form a personal relationship with one or more in their occult careers.  However occultists should be very careful not to let ANY godform stand in the way of them and their quest to find the one thing.  You should be particularly concerned if anyone tells you that their Secret Chief has a normal life somewhere else in the world.  Think how many godforms can do that.  
"Oh that Horus at number 23 plays his sistrum at all hours of the night.... and Thoth and Maat never put their rubbish out on the right day."


  1. Remarks on your post:
    The doctor referred Felkin is in Liege.
    I do not understand why you think the Secret Chiefs can not use Internet.
    I think you have an exaggerated idea of the Secret Chiefs idealized, perhaps are more normal people.


  2. I think that physical secret chiefs would HAVE to use the internet (I think Google let you down Ricardo :-)) . You were right about Felkin... dunno why I wrote Bruges might have been my lack of coffee.

  3. ' "You should be particularly concerned if anyone tells you [...]Thoth and Maat never put their rubbish out on the right day." '

    - That reminds me, the bins go out today. I almost forgot.

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  5. Fulcanelli was probably a myth but even if he wasnt we are talking long before the idea of computers and the internet. Criminals might go off the grid, but their footprints are still there and are very hard to remove.
    I doubt very much that the GD secret chiefs were demons....

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  7. Secret chiefs? How about a simple theory? A chief is a leader. A secret is information not disclosed. A secret chief is a leader whose identity is not disclosed. I believe it's reasonable to speculate that some leaders of esoteric groups choose to remain anonymous either for personal reasons or for reasons that support the purpose of the group. Also, there could be another side to the coin. Perhaps the purpose for introducing the topic of secret chiefs into public debate is to help students develop wise discernment, learn to think for him or her self, and to stand on their own two feet. Perhaps the topic of secret chiefs serves as a koan-like tool to help the student cultivate personal mastery, realize that no one is coming to his or her rescue, and develop the actual skills of the magical adept. What do you think?

  8. Hi Micahel The whole thing about secret chiefs is that they are supposed to be occult supermen (never women) who are supposed to embody magic and provide lots of wonderful occult information. Under your definition if a group of 20 somethings form a group based on Israel Regardies Golden Dawn book, but one of them keeps his name secret in case his parents find out, he is a secret chief!

  9. V.H. soror S.L.V. Alpha and Omega.21 July 2013 at 21:26

    Secret Chiefs are not gods, demons or angels, because you can do a ritual to invoke demons, gods, and angels, you can skry or rise in the plane of angels, but you cannot do that with Secret Chiefs. Because it is Secret Chiefs who call you and not the opposite.

    Secret Chiefs are knowledgeable enough to be free from the boundaries of the material world. Angel, demon, godforms are just anthropomorphic rays of the sphere of sensations which is a connection between the microcosm and the macrocosm of the material world. Secret Chiefs live outside of that.

    I agree that Secret Chiefs will never ask for a cult or a church because they know they are not god.
    Secret Chiefs are not moral. They will never interfere with moral, civil and religious affair. They will never behave as a parental substitute and rule every detail of one's lazy life and more an Order.
    Secret chiefs never teach dogma. No Secret Chiefs wrote the Bible, the Koran or the Mormon book. Religion was created to regulate life and Secret Chiefs don't care about regulating life.

    Secret Chiefs are more close to a coach that kick one spiritual ass. They drag the initiate outside the limits of the comfort zone.

    If I would take an image I would choose the one where Morpheus of Matrix offer to Mr Anderson the choice between two pills, the blue one and he stays in the material world and its mechanicals laws, or the red one which lead outside of this world. We know now what happen next. Neo(phyte) became the One.

    All begin by a choice...

    I try to imagine Mathers when he was in the Bois de Boulogne facing this LET who asked him to choose to get the knowledge of the R.R. & A.C. or to continue with what he already got with the cypher manuscripts. When he returned he got his mind full of all the second order material and more that a whole life will not be enough to write it down and to study it, except having the exceptional writings abilities of Blavatsky.

    I agree with Dion Fortune that every body can be in touch with Secret Chiefs.
    But who would accept to take the red pill for real.
    Halas human are human, who in the world will believe a young neophyte who talk about them? it is understandable that a beginner is not able to make the difference between a ray of the Sphere of sensations and a real Secret Chief but exception happen,

    That explain why generally the leader of an order (the parental substitute which receive all the projection) can be the only one who have enough credibility to have such contacts. To the best and the worse.

    Secret Chiefs are Secret Chiefs, yes they belong to this universe and the occult world. They are not mandatory but they definitely boost one's life.

    toc toc toc....

    1. Okay, what you have essentially described an individual who gives direction behind the scenes. However, you still not have explained how such an individual would identify himself to the AO as a SC, from the same school that directed Mathers. For example would simply say I am a SC and you would be expected to believe him? What proof would this person give the revised AO that he was of the same occult school that directed Mathers and during what period did his school direct him. Please don't tell me that the quality of work identifies him as this does not show any direct links to Mathers. How was it done? We all would love to know that one. This is the first litmus test, proof. If someone claims to be an SC the burden of proof is on him to prove it! The revised AO in the past has presented no evidence to this effect other that the GP stating it was the quality of the work.Quality of work does not represent continuity or direct links to Mathers, Brodie Inness or the old AO and without that the claims are worthless.

    2. LAZY LIFE? well lets call a duck a duck..."PRETENTIOUS ARROGANT NAIVE LIFE"
      yes, pigeon hole the entirety of human life as Lazy is obviously a very sheltered or deluded perception.

    3. my comment was to V.H. soror S.L.V. Alpha and Omega.. in case I replied in the wrong area.

  10. Clearly you have never dealt with a theurgic godform before... they do all the things that you have just attributed to secret chiefs.
    Dion Fortune taught all her students to contact her secret chiefs and they were all inner. Are you saying that only the chiefs of an order are worthy of a contact with the secret chiefs? In your order does that mean that you do not talk to the secret chiefs? So I take it that means that you have to take it on faith what your leader is telling you comes from your secret chief,,,, You see the difficulty here... you want faith... and magic... and yet the two things are incompatible. I believe that there is something in the secret chief thing but I do not believe it is a worldly adept... I equally do not think it is something that runs around telling you what to do and think... or something that wants you to be slave to its master. I generally think that magic is about freedom from slavery and experience instead of faith.

    1. @Nick: "You see the difficulty here... you want faith... and magic... and yet the two things are incompatible."


      The core of the difference between Magic and Religion is that a Magician has no need of "faith". A Magician has gnosis A Magician knows, through personal and usually hard-won experience.

      A Magician doesn't seek assurance of an immortal afterlife, or to surrender with fear and flattery to a chosen deity, be it transcendental cosmic thunderer or an exalted-but-human "white brotherhood". A Magician does the Work, and wants results. Do the Work, receive the Benefit. All else follows, nothing else matters. Magic is not something you believe in, it's something you DO.

      If a Magical teaching requires that the student simply believe something - anything - exists that can't be brought fully and completely into their own Sphere of Sensation by their own efforts, it's not teaching Magic.

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  12. In modern society a secret chief cannot publicly reveal himself, as everyone would notice that he is not growing older. And anyway, they live in the invisible college..... (good stuff Nick..... Its like watching a fuse sizzle, cant wait for the next episode!)

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    1. Maybe we should stick to the subject of Secret Chiefs here.....and who's requirements?

    2. @Dustin, yes, Griffin does not claim them to be "occult supermen", the AΩ website says that they are people who are guardians of "Sumerian, Chaldean, and Egyptian mystery traditions". It was Mathers who claimed them to possess "terrible superhuman powers". The website does, however, go on to claim that this ancient mystery school "has discreetly shaped the entire history of western occultism from behind the scenes". Certainly a weighty claim.

      It is not too unreasonable to expect that among the people who possess ancient knowledge about the spiritual development of humanity, a few would be much more advanced, but it does not necessarily follow. The gap between knowledge and ability can be great. Perhaps the ancient knowledge describes a potential which is yet to be actualized and may not be for decades or even centuries except for a few wayshowers throughout history to keep the carrot out in front of our noses and breathe new life into legends about those who are more than human.

      If there are people who have 'mastered' the GD system and can control their various bodies at will, they are keeping a low profile, probably for good reason - those who don't understand have a habit of making life difficult for those who appear to be too far out of the dominant paradigm of what is possible.

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