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Friday 4 June 2010

David Williams

David Williamson died on Corpus Christi after a long illness that destroyed him.
David was a doctor where he spend his life working with the dead and performing the function of a coroner's doctor.
This lead him to a relationship with a god form called Anubis. The Opener was an archetype which had a huge influence in his life. He was introduced to magic through Masonry and then joined the Servants of the Light school of magic where he became a supervisor and rose through the ranks quickly. It was there that he meet Krys and the patterns of his life were changed completely.
I was deeply honoured when he and Krys joined the Horus Hathor temple of the Golden Dawn and they were a great asset to me. Both of them could see whether or not magic was taking place in the temple and practically assist with the inner perceptions of the temple working.
David's dedication to magic forced him into a change which estranged him from his family. His daughters, who he deeply loved, rejected him when he left their mother. This deeply affected him and led him in a downward spiral into illness from which he never recovered.
David was a man who was incredibly significant to the magical path. He was intelligent, and inspired in his magical work and there are a large number of students who owe him much for his insight.
With such potential, particularly working with Krys, one can only wonder what he would have achieved for the Order.
His invocations to Anubis in both in the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea and in its correspondence course, get to the heart of this godform and have bought his understanding to our order.
Personally I will miss him, and I will miss what he provided to me over the last six years that I have known him. It is rare that people dedicate themselves to this work. He had a saying which he provided as an eulogy to his fellow Golden Dawn Frater Brian Thompson when he died over a year ago.

"May he appear before the throne
of Osiris, as a traveller, justified"

As a traveller David has finished his journey too early.

Paola and my own thoughts are with Krys at this time.

"I am the Divine Magician who guides David through the celestial halls,
I part the Veil of the hidden world and clear his vision.
I initiate David into my Secret Mysteries,
I cast for David the Holy Circle of Starry Light.
I enfold thee in my Ka and rejoice in your embrace.
The Ancient Ceremonies are performed,
the chants echo across the temporal halls.
David's Temple is rebuilt, your faith renewed.
We are One, David and Me
twin beams of light entwined,
the Soul-Temple glows as a Golden Dawn,
the Ancient Twilight glows across Space and Time.
We are an Indestructible Star, David and Me
a Power of Heaven.
I indwell in David's Soul-Temple.
And make him complete."