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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Another Review of King over the Water

This review comes from the Cauldron which is a print magazines  based in the UK and is must have reading for those in the pagan and wiccan scene.  It is well respected in the UK and it  nice to have a neutral one from outside the tradition. One of its writers scanned the review in for me as being in the Rome I cant pick one up.  For those of you in the UK it is in # 143 (February 2012).  You can order your subscription here there are ten book reviews listed for this edition.

New version of Making Talismans coming

I am a little bogged down at the moment because I am creating another edition of Making Talismans for the Mandrake publishing house.
Making Talismans  was my first book  and it did really well.  But  I wrote it nearly 14  years ago so I am going through it and updating it with my more recent thoughts.  This is particularly important when it comes to the Golden Dawn references as I need to rewrite the Golden Dawn ritual now I am a lot more experienced in the Z docs.    I am also laying it out, adding in new diagrams, some of Paola's illustrations and a few more chapters based on some of my later papers.  There is little that I got wrong when I wrote it, and the central ideas I still agree with.  It is just my technique is a little different and, I think, much better.  But if things had not changed considerably in 14 years there  would be something wrong.