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Wednesday 9 December 2009

Being quiet

Just a note to say that I have not given up on my blog. I have been run off my feet writing material for the new Golden Dawn Order that is starting soon. I wanted to make sure that the course material was original and much more practical. It has so far involved me writing the equivalent of two large books in two months and I have not got passed the 2=9 grade yet. This has been pretty much a get up, work, write course material life, for the last two months and I have had little time to think about much else.
In addition I have been updating the correspondence course which had been previously released by HCOMA, and was shut down suddenly by its Director of Studies leaving many high and dry and upset.
The new course will now be much improved and be available as part of a distance learning arm of the new Order. Many of the former students managed to get in touch with me and are continuing with the lessons. If any former HCOMA students who have not got in touch with me and wish to continue their studies please email me at info at nickfarrell dot eu.