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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Magical Machine -- The Golden Dawn Vault in Colour limited edition book out now.

From the blurb

“The creation of a vault is a rite of passage for any Modern Golden Dawn Order. Creation of one a Herculean task and it requires a knowledge of as much of the Second Order material as possible. It is a moot point if you can ever be a real Golden Dawn Order unless you have made one.” 

The Order of the Golden Dawn had a magical machine which used colour to create a magical effect within its Adepts. The construction of a vault was the key to understanding the Golden Dawn system of magic. However, it remained a closely guarded secret and before the development of the computer creating one was a work of art which required a deep knowledge of the colour magic of the Golden Dawn.  Few vaults have been built in the modern era and, thanks to the secrecy surrounding the original magical order, many have been constructed on using colours or ideas which have not been right.

In Magic Machine, I have  provided full colour drawings of what a vault should look like and offers readers of what will be for many will be a first glimpse of the Golden Dawn’s magical machine.

I have also provided a method of how to use the vault walls and other material in a practical way without needing to construct a full sized model for yourself. He gives techniques for exploring the Inner heart of the Magical Golden Dawn.

This is not a book for beginners, but for those wanting to work deeply with the Golden Dawn system at the adept level.  It fills a gap in the Golden Dawn magical knowledge  in the 21st century written by someone who has actually built one himself.

Only 100 copies of this book have been made.

Apparently it might be a bit controversial because there are some who think that this information should not be made available.  It is 56 pages and in full colour you can order it by pressing the button, Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.