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Sunday 18 May 2014


I am setting up a new magazine which aims to be a bi-annual Journal of Ritual Magic.  
EMERALD TABLET aims to bring together people from different traditions to talk about all aspects of Ritual. It will have a few "names" and some new writers.  It will be published in paperback book format and be distributed through Amazon and Lulu. An ebook version will be released a month after the paperback.

The Emerald Tablet is a bi-annual magazine printed in paperback book format which is designed for writers to present their ideas, research and discoveries in the field of ritual magic and occultism. 

It is not limited to one tradition, such as the Golden Dawn, but will focus on ritual magic. It is modelled on the Occult review (only it will be bigger and come out less often). 

Authors will be asked to submit articles of between 2-10,000 words in each issue. They will retain the copyright of these articles and can place them where they like afterwards. There is also no restriction on whether these articles have been used before, if the person has copyright on them, of course. We will take invocations and rituals, but not poetry or articles which have long quotes lifted from other sources. I would like to keep the subject matter as wide as possible with as many people from different traditions and groups as possible. 

While we would like to get “names” from the occult world in the magazine, this is also an opportunity for new writers to get in print. Proceeds from the sale of the book/magazine will go to the Golden Dawn Legal fund, once that fund has been filled we will be looking to support other worthy occult related charities (if and when that happens it will be agreed by the writers). The authors will get a free copy. 


The magazine will come out at each Equinox -- 20 March and 22 September. The deadline for copy will be 1 February and August 4 each year. This will give us time to edit and get back to the author for corrections and lay the magazine out. If you would like to write for the Emerald Tablet, please get in touch with me at edfu777 at

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