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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Magical Imagination hits the shops

My latest book Magical Imagination  is now in the shops.   It is based on work I wrote ten years ago for Llewellyn which it released under the title “Magical Pathworking.”  When I wrote the first edition, I used psychological ideas a lot more than I do now.  The book was designed to make public the magical imagination techniques I used in my successful psychological experiments. 
As my spiritual path has progressed the emphasis on the psychological interpretation of imagination techniques has become less of a personal focus as I started to understand its wider use in magical practice.
For those interested in Golden Dawn techniques it offers a practical approach to those inner systems. In this edition I have reworked the previous material and added new chapters which aim to open the techniques for a more magical and spiritual purpose.  This includes developments on group work, divination, visiting other inner world dimensions and working towards what I call “objective pathworking.” 
It was the realisation that these techniques could breathe new life into such an established magical system as the Golden Dawn that encouraged me to build the Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea (MOAA).  
It is still not really a Golden Dawn book, but includes the some of the techniques I think  it is important for any Golden Dawn student to learn.
You can get your paws on the book in the UK here  or in the US here   Llewellyn are still selling the ebook of the much smaller earlier edition.

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