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Monday 12 December 2011

Source of the Universe Tarot Card?

Mike Magee found the follow image from a 17th Century English book... If you ever thought that Levi or the Golden Dawn invented the image you can be rest assured that it is older than the GD but at least still British.


  1. Well, thank God it's British :) With all the mutterings of late about hidden continental adepts, the old country was beginning to lack some esoteric lustre :) lol. Can't be sure, is that Tau or Cheth or an unrelated squiggle at the top?

    Nice find, Mr Magee...techy stuff and esoterica!

  2. But, sir, is it not a 1884 Jennings/Redway edition of the same title?

  3. Yes it is the frontis of the 1884 edition, but I have never seen a facsimile of the 1600's one...