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Tuesday 17 March 2009

New Tarot cards

HARRY and Nicola have finished another swathe of Tarot cards for the Horus Hathor deck, I thought I would preview them here. You will notice that like Chic and Tabatha's deck we will be using both the 'old' and 'new' versions of Temperance in the finished deck. Our colours for the lower arcana follow the Sephiroth colours rather than the elemental ones. Thus this one is black because it represents Binah in the Queen scale.
Harry is currently working on the Hanged Man card while Nicola is beavering away on the fours.
Harry is currently selling the originals of these so it is a good time to buy into a bit of esoteric history by owning an original.
They are quite big. I was at Horus Hathor over the weekend and Harry was distributing some of the originals to members who have bought them. They look really spectacular full size. Harry has been making prints which are the size of Icons on board. These are really good for mediation -- we use them for the grade rituals at the moment. I have all the set that we have done hanging on my wall.


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  2. What a strikinly beautiful set of cards! I'm really looking forward into buying a whole set.


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  4. A great article that helps me to understand New Tarot cards even more. Keep on posting the riveting New tarot cards updates.

  5. Is this amazing deck available for purchase yet?